laura mar

laura mar is my independent jewelry line creating wearable art, small-batch & one-of-a-kind pieces. i handcraft all my work at my studio in austin, tx. i am passionate about the environment, so i use recycled metals and build pieces meant to last.

i am inspired by the natural world & my favorite artists. i am drawn to artwork that is imperfect & displays the hand of the artist. on handmade jewelry there are tiny dif

ferences on each piece that invoke a sense on uniqueness that machine-made jewelry cannot match.   

invoking the spirit of the traditional japanese aesthetic, wabi-sabi (the beauty in the imperfect & impermanence of nature.) i pride myself on creating work that demonstrates the artist's hand & the truly distinct touch this gives every individual piece.

may your new piece of jewelry make you feel bold when you want to stand out, extraordinary in the everyday & perfect amongst the imperfections.


the designer, maker & business-babe

i have been a creator and full-time daydreamer since i was born in buenos aires. my unconventional upbringing, growing up in japan, the uk and mexico, has had an unequivocal influence on my work.

i studied art history & cinema studies at nyu. art & cinema often sneak into my work, whether it be the motif on an earring or the lighting in a photoshoot.

in 2016 i founded judy&madeleine, an accessories brand specializing in crystal headpieces. thanks to the success of my business i was able to head back to school to pursue metalsmithing. i created this space to document & share my experiments in metalsmithing & art.

...& my babies